Saturday, December 31, 2011

Our Finest Gifts | 1 of 2

I've been recovering from concussion & contusion. Not at all conducive to writing. I'm mostly better now, but still botching up words & word order. And dropping things.. but that's got little to do with stories. Anyway! I mention this in the hopes that you can forgive me if the following story makes absolutely no sense at all.

Your humble wastrel,

P.S. - Warnings for... pretty much everything. This is a Nasr Devon story, and is therefore full of gore and noncon of the worst sorts.


Our Finest Gifts
Part 1 of 2

Red and orange and yellow. Green and blue. Wide, fuzzy circles of light seemed to sway in his field of vision. Devon watched them dance, fascinated in how they contorted and pulsed, as though respirating at different rates. The fact that they did not keep time with the music playing from the noisy speakers of his laptop made him vaguely queasy, but it didn’t stop Devon staring. He angled to the side, attempting to have them dance in tempo. Perhaps he could undo the churning of his belly.