Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Today's economy: twice as much work for half as much money

My Ideal Schedule
The following is highly flexible.

11:00am-12:00pm: wake up at some point
12:00pm-02:00pm: love making, grooming, maybe some breakfast
02:00pm-04:00pm: exercise and yardwork
04:00pm-04:30pm: food prep for the evening feast
04:30pm-05:30pm: more love making
05:30pm-06:30pm: feast prepared, devoured, and cleaned up
06:30pm-08:00pm: game,conversation,dessert, movie, other activity with lover
08:00pm-11:00pm: writing
11:00pm-12:00am: reading & snack
12:00am-01:30am: writing
01:30am-03:00am: love making
03:00am-11:00am: sleep

My Actual Schedule
The following leaves very little wiggle room, but is modified on days with client meetings

08:00am-08:15am: get up. no, really. get your lazy ass out of bed.
08:15am-08:45am: breakfast & grooming
08:45am-09:15am: yardwork
09:15am-10:15am: exercise
10:15am-01:00pm: work
01:00pm-01:15pm: lunch
01:15pm-01:30pm: exercise
01:30pm-05:30pm: work
05:30pm-06:30pm: food prep & consumption
06:30pm-07:30pm: clean or die
07:30pm-07:45pm: shower again
07:45pm-08:30pm: more work
08:30pm-10:00pm: sit around in a catatonic haze, work on remodel, write, read
10:00pm-08:00am: sleep

I need to inherit a wealthy benefactor. Ha. "Dear Marcus- I will pay you a sum of $200,000.00 a year to write me smut. Sincerely, Mister/Missus Deeppockets" Might as well dream big, yah? xD