Sunday, June 19, 2011

I am traveling, and so this is not a proper entry. There is no lengthy review, nor even a link, but some things require immediate gratification.

I don't care for pornography. This is surprising for a lot of people (the ones who know that I write it). Still, I try every now and again. Written erotica here, some video there. As a whole, I find it distasteful. Mostly it leaves me bored, or wanting a shower in the same way as standing in a cloud of second hand smoke makes me want a shower.

I love this book. It was sexy and sexual and satisfying. So.. maybe if you like pornography, you won't like it. Maybe you will.

The Girl who Couldn't Come by Joey Comeau. I purchased it a while ago, after I read a sample and decided I must read the rest. I only now got around to it. A pity, but at least words hold their flavor in ways that fine chocolate does not.

So. That is that. I hope you like it. No. I hope you love it.