Monday, September 12, 2011

Piety update

Current update here.

Entire thing here.

And now, due to popular demand, it is also available in html here. (The formatting is not preserved, but I did my best to keep it easy to read.)

This story contains themes of slavery and violence, as well as consensual and non-consensual sex. Please do not read it if you are uncomfortable with those things.

In other news, I've become a beggar. There's now a donation tag here and on the avenier website. Please consider contributing to our hosting costs. In the unlikely event that we exceed those, we'll be applying excess funds toward the purchase of a printer (as our content is often "objectionable.") Thank you all for your continued support. I do try to answer all of the comments/email that I get, so please be patient with me if I haven't replied to yours as yet!

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