Friday, March 11, 2011

Same old shit. Different day.

I was really optimistic to have something up for everyone tonight. My antibiotics were working, and I was feeling better. I did get to start an update. But then the fever came back (again), and after that. Well.

Apparently my insides are very cross with me for having been on antibiotics for nearly a month. I've been taking live cultures, but I can't seem to eat much of anything without it feeling like someone is taking a thousand corkscrews to my insides. It has me extremely run down, and this fever is symptomatic of that.

I know I shouldn't complain too much. I mean, this is the best winter I've had in years so far as my health goes. And.. I appreciate that, I do. But I'm a big baby. A great big, pouty-faced, tantrum-throwing baby. I want to be all better. I want it forever and ever. Now.

I want the last month and a half back. I want the years of being sick back. Stupid immune system. Glad to be alive. Just.. want to have more vigor. Pls?

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