Monday, April 18, 2011

mini Piety update

One of the down sides to being sick as much as I am, is that I have to work extra hard when I'm not sick to make up for the slack. Talk about exhausting.

Still, I love to write. So much. I managed a few pages more, which wrap up chapter 9, but do not give sexy times. They do, however, introduce Jacquen. I love Jacquen.

Current update here. Whole thing here.

Piety contains elements of slavery & noncon (rape is disguised as rape, not as sex). Do not read if these things bother you.

The .pdf contains bookmarks for the chapters and the current update. While this is somewhat handy on the computer (just click the bookmarks option on the left in adobe reader), I find it exceptionally so on e-readers. Please be aware that you can use your Table of Contents option to navigate the document. 


  1. Yay! He's going back! XD Am I the only one who likes the idea of Charlie and Verian together?

  2. Haha! Charlie likes the idea!

  3. *shoves Charlie and Verian together* Now make sexy!

  4. Hey there!

    Found the Piety story last night and finally got the time to finish reading all of it.

    I feel a little silly for asking, but.. will there be any happiness in the end of this story? Don't get me wrong, the bad times have been nommylicious as well, but I'd hate to see Verian go under from depression or something.. which is something I believe most people would've done a long time ago, haha.

    Anyway - you're a great talent, keep up the good work!

  5. Thank you! There will be some happiness. Before the end, even, or I think poor Verian really would just descend into permanent madness. :)

  6. I came across your story a few days ago and now you are my new obsession...your story is amazing it just took hold of me and now I'm scared that it won't let go T.T...plz plz cont with this wonderfully fascinating tale. I look forward to your updates!!!

  7. Marcus: Aaah, thank you, that definitely calmed me, haha. Great, I am looking forward to more updates on this captivating story! :D

    I read somewhere that Felix is away on vacation, but I still hope that Piety will be continued in its comic form as well! Is that a possibility?

  8. I highly doubt that that will happen. I did request that the comic be listed as discontinued, but Felix would like to go back and finish it one day, and so has put temporarily. I think it is something that she desires to do, but I do not want to instill a false sense of hope that it will be realized.