Saturday, April 17, 2010

Take this outline and shove it.

Story is happening how it wants to. Some things are out of sequence, some things are shorter than intended, others are longer. It'll all work out in the end.

I lost my writing day today. Had it all planned out, but I had an adverse reaction to my new medication. There's nothing quite like walking down your hall only to suddenly feel like you're actually on a ship and it just pitched to the side. I've been grabbing walls and furniture between trips to the water closet, the bed, and the sofa. My cereal wound up all over the kitchen floor. I gave up half way through cleaning it up, but the puss was kind enough to lap up the milk. Life is amusing.

Swordspoint inspired me to try my hand at smut. I highly recommend it for those who have not yet read it, though it is not a particularly erotic novel. It is very witty, and very charming, and has its share of racy moments. It's by this lady here: Ellen Kushner. The Fall of the Kings and Thomas the Rhymer are also excellent works, but Swordspoint is what did me in.

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