Thursday, April 29, 2010

Writing. Confusion, conundrums, and things to do in between.

Romance! It's what everyone wants to read when they're not skipping between the smutty bits with a more tangential goal. I've been taking a break from Piety in order to try my hand at it. The results have been laughable.

Browsing about on various writing forums, I have found that most writers seem to have difficulty with writing sex scenes, and the rest just flows. I seem to be afflicted with the opposite problem. What's more, I do not feel as many of them seem to, that writing smut is a more personal/revealing thing than writing any other genre.

So. Where's the love story? Where's the shmoo? The fluff? How to make it not be overwrought cliche tripe? How to do anything at all interesting with fawn-eyes and staring contests?

It's not to say that I haven't seen it done, but when I have the romance has been some side-matter in a novel dealing with so much more. Erotica seems to have romance as the main focus of the plot. I know; I've been researching. Quandry, quandry.

In other news, my rosebush became so top heavy that it fell right over. It's amazing what you can find to distract you when working on something challenging.


  1. *fawn eyes* (or less romantically, *dough eyes* >.<)


    Mo: *STARE* Which is not terribly romantic if he's doing it...