Saturday, May 1, 2010

I love traffic lights...

I got the stomach flu. Don't you just love the stomach flu? I know I do!

Oh, wait. Wait. No I don't.

More pleasant is my family is coming in from out of town this week, and shan't be leaving until next week. There will be merriment galore, and a decided lack of privacy. Don't be surprised if I'm scarce!

Until my return, I highly recommend Quicksilver by Neal Stephenson. The whole damn series really. It can be intimidating for some, but its lexicon is historical, and you don't need to plow your way through a handful of appendices in order to understand it. It takes place in one of my favorite periods of history. Nom.

For more light-hearted fare, check out Hanna is Not a Boy's Name. It is positively charming. The archive can get a bit glitchy, but I'm sure you're clever enough to plug in page numbers to get past that.

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