Monday, April 18, 2011

mini Piety update

One of the down sides to being sick as much as I am, is that I have to work extra hard when I'm not sick to make up for the slack. Talk about exhausting.

Still, I love to write. So much. I managed a few pages more, which wrap up chapter 9, but do not give sexy times. They do, however, introduce Jacquen. I love Jacquen.

Current update here. Whole thing here.

Piety contains elements of slavery & noncon (rape is disguised as rape, not as sex). Do not read if these things bother you.

The .pdf contains bookmarks for the chapters and the current update. While this is somewhat handy on the computer (just click the bookmarks option on the left in adobe reader), I find it exceptionally so on e-readers. Please be aware that you can use your Table of Contents option to navigate the document.