Saturday, December 31, 2011

Our Finest Gifts | 1 of 2

I've been recovering from concussion & contusion. Not at all conducive to writing. I'm mostly better now, but still botching up words & word order. And dropping things.. but that's got little to do with stories. Anyway! I mention this in the hopes that you can forgive me if the following story makes absolutely no sense at all.

Your humble wastrel,

P.S. - Warnings for... pretty much everything. This is a Nasr Devon story, and is therefore full of gore and noncon of the worst sorts.


Our Finest Gifts
Part 1 of 2

Red and orange and yellow. Green and blue. Wide, fuzzy circles of light seemed to sway in his field of vision. Devon watched them dance, fascinated in how they contorted and pulsed, as though respirating at different rates. The fact that they did not keep time with the music playing from the noisy speakers of his laptop made him vaguely queasy, but it didn’t stop Devon staring. He angled to the side, attempting to have them dance in tempo. Perhaps he could undo the churning of his belly.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Let's celebrate the return of my computer with some good old-fashioned smut.

Piety update here.

Entire thing is here in .pdf, or here in html.

This update is full of gentle consensual lovin', so if noncon and violence with sex aren't your cup of tea, you can just download that first link for your idea of a good time. For those who don't mind abusive themes, feel free to read the whole durn thing.

Happy belated holiday to my American readers. I am thankful for you all.

Also, as a promo, donations over $20 will get shorts written to the theme of the donor's choosing. The donation button is there on the right, and also available @

Monday, November 7, 2011

Where did Marcus go?

I've gotten some concerned e-mails lately, and I do appreciate it.

The economy in California is not so great. I've been having to spend a lot of hours doing crappy work for what ultimately culminates to less than minimum wage, but does keep the roof over my head and food in my belly. I'm just glad to have even that work at this point in time, knowing so many are doing so much worse.

Unfortunately that does not leave much time for anything else, let alone writing. Add to that the fact that my computer died, and that I am nowhere near affording to be able to replace it at present.. and, well, you get the idea.

I do hope to have better work and more free time again soon, but I'm not sure when that will happen.

A few people have asked me about Spectre. Honestly, I don't know when it's going forward. Let's face it, in any comic the artist does the brunt of the work, and she's also been overwhelmed with life.

Thank you all for your kind words and your patience.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

I haven't updated because I've hurt my back.
And the doctors gave me these drugs.
So high.
All the time.
Okay, most of the time. Pained when not high.

But I'm still alive, and.. well. I love you all. (And am possibly high.)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Piety Update

It is disgusting how long it takes to even claw out a measly few pages at a time. Forgive me my hectic schedule.

Current update here.
Whole thing here.

And I'll be updating the html version later since blogger likes to mess up the in-document links. Probably after I write the next bit, which will be where I finally get around to giving you more porn.

Piety contains nonconsensual as well as consensual sex. And some violence. If any of these things bother you, I wouldn't download it if I were you.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Piety update

Current update here.

Entire thing here.

And now, due to popular demand, it is also available in html here. (The formatting is not preserved, but I did my best to keep it easy to read.)

This story contains themes of slavery and violence, as well as consensual and non-consensual sex. Please do not read it if you are uncomfortable with those things.

In other news, I've become a beggar. There's now a donation tag here and on the avenier website. Please consider contributing to our hosting costs. In the unlikely event that we exceed those, we'll be applying excess funds toward the purchase of a printer (as our content is often "objectionable.") Thank you all for your continued support. I do try to answer all of the comments/email that I get, so please be patient with me if I haven't replied to yours as yet!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Piety Update

It has been so very long, my darlings. Can I call you that? Is it too forward? Imagine I have a nice smoking jacket and a bottle of red.

I have been busily adventuring, and also scripting away at a comic that Felix and I are hoping to release within the next month. But for now, let me pour you some wine and favor you with a few pages of writing. Me? No; I don't drink ... wine.

Cough. Right. Enough of that silliness.

Piety's current update is here.

The whole thing is here.

This update contains neither smut nor violence. Isn't that a pleasant reprieve? I'm sure Verian thinks so.
The rest of the story is riddled with consensual and non consensual sex, as well as violence, slavery, and all manner of horrible awful things that you may or may not care to read about. Consider yourself advised.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Piety Update!

Update bandwagon. I am in you.

Current update is here.
Whole thing is here.

DISCLAIMER: This story is full of mean nasty people doing mean nasty things. Don't read it if you don't like mean and nasty. Oh, there's some sex too. Don't read it if you don't like sex.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Peter the Wolf

For Jenessa.

Hopefully this is even remotely coherent. I wrote it in hurried snatches between chores while recovering from being ill.


He had to stop rushing over every time Cemal rang. It wasn’t the first time that Peter had had this thought. It likely wouldn’t be the last. Yet there he was, stripping away his shirt as he prowled through the main parlor.

“I think you’ve gained a good stone since I saw you last, Peter.” Cemal was leaning against the wall, his tone and posture maddeningly aloof. “And not all of it in muscle.”

Peter’s shirt fell in a grubby white streak along the vivid blue and amethyst rug. He pulled his lips back across his teeth, caught somewhere between scowl and grimace.

“It’s only been a week, you ass.”

“Well. Maybe half a stone, then.”

Friday, July 8, 2011

Piety Update

Current update here!

Whole thing is here!

This story is an exercise in schadenfreude. Don't click it if that's not your bag.

On a side note.. erk blogger interface change. Ffft.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I am traveling, and so this is not a proper entry. There is no lengthy review, nor even a link, but some things require immediate gratification.

I don't care for pornography. This is surprising for a lot of people (the ones who know that I write it). Still, I try every now and again. Written erotica here, some video there. As a whole, I find it distasteful. Mostly it leaves me bored, or wanting a shower in the same way as standing in a cloud of second hand smoke makes me want a shower.

I love this book. It was sexy and sexual and satisfying. So.. maybe if you like pornography, you won't like it. Maybe you will.

The Girl who Couldn't Come by Joey Comeau. I purchased it a while ago, after I read a sample and decided I must read the rest. I only now got around to it. A pity, but at least words hold their flavor in ways that fine chocolate does not.

So. That is that. I hope you like it. No. I hope you love it.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Piety Update

It's raining, it's pouring... I think spring has skipped out on us this year. Poor Weiss has been treated to a feast of gray and damp since her arrival. It's almost enough to make me want to hibernate. I hauled her off for drinks and chat and creating this morning, so you get a few pages of my productivity. Yay! I'll share more when I get to bring it to a nice breaking point.

The current update is here.
All of Piety is here.

This story is very unpleasant. Writing aside, it's subject matter is often violent, and rarely optimistic. That will change eventually, but not before it gets worse. Consider yourself warned!

For those of you who have bookmarked the main .pdf location, please note that my original folder has been restored. I will continue to update the old location until the beginning of July, at which point it will be removed. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Nothing in Pink

I've been sick. And well.. well. More well than sick, but predictably sick. The irony of being more well than ill is that I spend my well time doing things other than write. Things I hadn't ever thought I would be able to do. So this is good on one hand, but on the other.. I'm not making enough time to write. And now Felix is here, and I am spending even less time writing (but Felix is here! Yay!). The long and the short of it? I'm as sporadic and unpredictable as ever, and you're just going to have to forgive me (or throw rocks at my window and piss on my lawn).

Anyway! Have a smut. It's Nasr & Devon, so mind the noncon tag.

    There was little that was reassuring about the nothingness. Devon might have called it black, and it really was black at first, but then it was void. A blip in his perceptions that was entirely unaccounted for. Even the deep sleep of too much heroin was easier to reconcile than the nothingness that Nasreddin so seemed to enjoy inflicting upon him. It was frightening to wake from, to try and gather his wits only to realize that, for all intents and purposes, he’d been dead. Not that Nasr gave him the time to dwell in that terror.

Monday, April 18, 2011

mini Piety update

One of the down sides to being sick as much as I am, is that I have to work extra hard when I'm not sick to make up for the slack. Talk about exhausting.

Still, I love to write. So much. I managed a few pages more, which wrap up chapter 9, but do not give sexy times. They do, however, introduce Jacquen. I love Jacquen.

Current update here. Whole thing here.

Piety contains elements of slavery & noncon (rape is disguised as rape, not as sex). Do not read if these things bother you.

The .pdf contains bookmarks for the chapters and the current update. While this is somewhat handy on the computer (just click the bookmarks option on the left in adobe reader), I find it exceptionally so on e-readers. Please be aware that you can use your Table of Contents option to navigate the document. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Roll in the hay & sex on the beach = uncomfortable. Just sayin'.

I couldn't sleep! So I stayed up late and wrote. Oh, how nice to have time in which to write.. even if I should have been sleeping.

Here, some gratuitous sex!

Piety update here.

Whole thing is here.

There's violence and depravity in the whole thing, but the latest update is all good times.

I realize I need to get with the times and modify my copyright, and my formatting got borked, but.. I'm tired now. So it will have to wait until I get a chance to deal with it. I feel the sharing of sex takes priority (I know, I'm so professional). I.. uh.. didn't even give this a glance over. Hopefully it makes sense. Hope everyone is doing well. Hearts, stars, and horseshoes, clovers, and blue moons...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

In which Verian dies of exposure.

Three days? Three months? Who's counting?

Piety update here.

Whole thing here.

The above story deals with slave boys and implications of very naughty clergy. Don't read if these things squick you.

It's not much, but I'm easing back into my life. This means stealing precious minutes for remembering how to write between catching up on work and the mountain of day-to-day tasks that have been piling up for the past month and a half. Pause for breath. Running on.

Hope all is well with you!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Same old shit. Different day.

I was really optimistic to have something up for everyone tonight. My antibiotics were working, and I was feeling better. I did get to start an update. But then the fever came back (again), and after that. Well.

Apparently my insides are very cross with me for having been on antibiotics for nearly a month. I've been taking live cultures, but I can't seem to eat much of anything without it feeling like someone is taking a thousand corkscrews to my insides. It has me extremely run down, and this fever is symptomatic of that.

I know I shouldn't complain too much. I mean, this is the best winter I've had in years so far as my health goes. And.. I appreciate that, I do. But I'm a big baby. A great big, pouty-faced, tantrum-throwing baby. I want to be all better. I want it forever and ever. Now.

I want the last month and a half back. I want the years of being sick back. Stupid immune system. Glad to be alive. Just.. want to have more vigor. Pls?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Eat at Joe's. Or, entertainment for while I'm too busy to write for you!

Did you guys know I put a link page on my blog? No? Well, I did! I highly recommend you use it. It's full of good stuff. Mmmm, good stuff.

Disclosure time: I don't get any sort of reward for you clicking through, just a warm fuzzy feeling around the icy lump in my chest. Don't worry, I've spared you my catalogue of art, design, gardening, cooking, and home-improvement sites.

Also! If you have any suggestions on things that I should be reading because they are full of awesome and win, please feel free to make them. I like awesome and win.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Starfighter fiction?? What is this madness?! (smutty short)

Starfighter © M. Palumbo/HamletMachine.

Lift 24

It’s not the way that I intended for things to go. It’s just the way they did. Maybe I could have changed them if I’d wanted to, maybe not. That’s not really the point. I liked it. Maybe too much. I still like it. More than I should. At least, I think... maybe more than I should.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Polite Introductions (a smutty short) - noncon

The first version of this took me a week to pound out, and was lost due to asshattery. The second version took a few days, and I'm still not happy with it. However, I'm rusty from having been working entirely too much, so I'm going to be forgiving. Hopefully you can be the same. :3



Well, let's just call a spade a spade. This isn't a spade. It's tentacle rape. More or less (mostly less). This is what happens when people keep asking for more Nasr.

The horizon was awash with vivid hues of red and orange, brilliant colors that fell off to pastel pinks and purples as night crept along the sky behind Devon. And though he was facing the sunset, he paid it little mind. Nor did he pay any mind to the silhouettes of the trees that lined the park, stabbing voids of black into the brilliant display. Nor anything that might be lurking just past the corner of his eye.