Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hi mom

Hello random influx of new people! I welcome you just as enthusiastically as I do the old people. :D

I've had some inquiries regarding updates.

I would love nothing more than to sit around writing smut and posting it for all of you wonderful people to see, but I am afraid that I have not the time. I'm taking classes that require scads and scads of memorization. Chapters full of the stuff. It's a bit of an adjustment, considering I've never really had to study before. Well.. I suppose it could be the old age and not the memorization.

Still! Updates will happen. No, I cannot say when. Yes, I do prioritize donation stories. They come between "walk the dog" and "go for a bike ride you filthy slob."

To sum up: Welcome! You're welcome, I'm sorry, thank you, yes there will be more, and no there is no schedule. Except for Spectre, which updates every Friday.

I hope you're having happy sexy days and nights!