Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dialogue (a smutty short)

My aunt and grandmother have left. Sad day.

My cat is happy for the return to normalcy, at least. I do believe he missed our morning coffee breaks in the sun.

Here, I've written you some sappy fucking. Warnings for.. hm.. sappy fucking.


“It’s dusty,” David whispered.

“It’s not my fault we fell in here,” Joshua murmured between nips and kisses scattered across the curve of his lover’s shoulder.

“You should have been able to ho-ah, ow! Not so hard. You should ha-,” David paused in order to swallow twice. “You should have been able to hold us up.”

“And you,” Joshua replied with an edge of effort to his tone, “should not- ogod, yes, do that more. Should not have shoved me so hard against closet door.”

“Oh ffff-.”

David gave up speaking as the air hissed between his teeth and over the curve of his lower lip. The angling of Joshua’s cock was not the most pleasant one, neither was the angling of David’s neck into the corner of the closet. There was a boot digging into his ribs. David winced, as a particularly hard jerk of his lover’s hips caused his head to smack soundly into the wall.

“Shhh,” Joshua hissed urgently. Joshua thrust again, his ass tightening beneath the dig of David’s heel. “She’ll hear.”

David whispered a laugh. He shifted to alleviate the awkwardness of their angle without breaking the momentum of their fucking. He grasped at Joshua’s straining arms and hauled. The result of this was not that David moved down and away from the wall as he’d hoped, so much as Joshua’s elbows gave.

Joshua tipped forward with a smack of crown into the plaster, and cursed soundly as he pitched to the side. A shudder wracked his spine when his slick cock popped free of the warm cling of his lover’s body. Joshua’s hands passed over the top of his head, fingers stirring through a mess of damp brown hair as he soothed the offended spot. He rolled partially onto his back, squirmed again, and puffed out a short, sharp breath.

“Your boot is digging at my spine.”

“It was in my ribs first, and I think it’s your boot. It’s too small to be mine,” David argued, and then very nearly whined. “Why aren’t you banging me?”

“Hang on, hang on,” Joshua hissed. “It’s just this boot. Stop that whining or your mum will hear.”

“Sod the boot. Mum’s watching the tele so loud I doubt she’ll hear anything ever again. My cock is hard and my ass is empty and if you don’t fuck me soon I’ll have to do it myself.”

“Bitch this, bitch that.” Joshua floundered as worked to extricate the boot. He sent it sailing out of the closet to impact with the distant bed. Joshua spoke again as he grasped the doorframe and hauled himself out into the room proper. “We both know your fingers aren’t gonna give you what you want.”

“They’re a good start.”

The strain in David’s tone caused Joshua to glance back over his shoulder. The light from the window cast bands across David’s outstretched legs, illuminating his muscled calves and the tips of his toes with a painful reflective glow. Motes of dust shone between the both of them, obscuring the view of the man in the closet. Joshua fixed momentarily on the tight squeeze of dark lashes, the way David’s mouth pulled to one side. The work of the man’s hands was impossible to ignore, however, and Joshua watched as David’s fingers probed the slick passage of his ass, stroked up along his arching shaft.

“I didn’t sign on to watch you play beat the bishop,” Joshua chastised without any real heat.

He prowled forward on his hands and knees, through the streaks of shadow and light from the vertical blinds, and snared his hands about David’s hips. Joshua jerked at the larger man, pulling and tugging him away from the back wall. David laughed and squirmed closer, abandoning the task at hand to drape moreso into the room proper.

“Maybe you should do somethin’ about that then,” David whispered through the persistent tug of a fond smile.

“Maybe,” Joshua pressed his chest against David’s.

“I’d recommend faster.”

“You’re not feeling very patient this evening, are you?”

“Nope. ‘sides, mum’s gonna come looking if we take too lo-ah!”

Joshua’s teeth worked against the bulge of David’s pec. Joshua’s laugh was warm and damp against the pale skin. He grunted thickly as he drove his hips forward, forcing his cock deeper into the other man. He shut his eyes, sucked a breath in through his nostrils, and let go of the inflamed skin to growl happily.

“Still tight.”

“‘Course it is, you fuckwit, not li--,” David was cut off by another thrust, this one sharply angled. It provoked a low groan from its recipient.

“May not have held us up,” Joshua purred, “but I can still bang that smart mouth of yours shut.”

“You like my sma-ah!”

Joshua smirked. He drove in hard, forcing David’s back to curl as Joshua grappled his way up enough to press a quick, heated kiss to his lover’s mouth. He smirked as he sank back again, his cock drawing outward in a long, deliberate stroke.

“Yes I do.”

David groaned, curling one leg up high with a brush of heel along the contours of Joshua’s back. Joshua might not have been so fit or tall as David generally liked, but Joshua was smart, and he had the darkest eyes David had ever seen. And he could fuck. Damn could he fuck. David squeezed his eyes tight as his shoulders rubbed into the cedar panels on the floor of the closet. The tug and burn against his skin was a pleasant accompaniment to the wide stretch and heavy, sliding smack of Joshua’s cock.

“Is that the bes-ssss.” David sucked a breath in through his teeth as he attempted to focus enough to manage the taunt without interruption. It was no easy task with the way that Joshua’s hips were crashing into him. “Is that the best you can manage?”

“Oh fuck you,” Joshua laughed. He drove in harder, bottoming out with a sharp slam and forward slap of balls to slick skin. “You can’t even get it out proper.”

David grunted. It was his way of admitting defeat. Joshua had won. David threw a hand over his head, protecting it from the plaster of the wall. His elbow hit another hiking boot. That one was larger, brown, and definitely his. He cried out as Joshua drove in harder, faster, and quickly bit down on the inside of his cheek. Joshua laughed throatily.

“Gonna traumatize your poor mum.”

“Shhhh,” David hissed.

“You’re the one making all the noise, puddin’.”

David glared. Joshua laughed again and bucked his hips in harder. He hooked one hand over the other man’s shoulder and hunched his spine, holding David close as he set to rutting about with an intensity that did not lend itself well to conversation. There were grunts here, and pants there, low moans, long groans, whispers of whines and flutters of breath. There were all manner of exchanged vocalization and constrained sounds that built up their own sort of dialogue. It pitched louder, just audible past the thrumming in Joshua’s ears.

Joshua wasn’t focused on them. He was focused on the tight squeeze of the body beneath him. He was focused on the slick, and the heat. On the way that David’s long body shifted in a constant display of musculature, pale skin, and the coarse dark hair swirling across his chest. Joshua was focused on the cock in his palm. On the way that it strained and throbbed, the spongy flesh sliding beneath the sweeping pad of his thumb. He caught his finger about the base of the head, probed the gather of skin there, flicking up under the swollen ridge. He was focused on the way his touch made David’s brows pinch together, his forehead line with creases. So beautiful.

“Joshua,” David urged.

Joshua thrust in harder. Again, and again, with jarring bumps of hip and light smacks of balls. He set himself close, hips rolling, and groaned without restraint as his cock swelled and pulsed. He managed one warm spurt into the tight channel of David’s ass before the man’s cock swelled and throbbed within Joshua’s palm. His fingers tightened near the base, and he squeezed hard, drawing up to send sticky white spurts of cum out onto the toned planes of David’s belly. Joshua gasped, shuddering and rocking as his cock swelled and shot again, again, into the spasm and clench of David’s ass.


“I agree,” Joshua murmured. He wiped at the sweat on his brow and fell forward, sagging into the larger frame beneath him.

“Shit,” David swore.

“Boys?” A weak voice quavered, followed by an insistent knocking. “Are you boys alright? I thought I heard someone fall.”

“Christ. What was that, a week ago?” Joshua hissed into David’s ear.

“Yeah mum. We’re alright. I’ll be out in a minute.”

“Think she’ll notice if you take longer?” Joshua growled softly as he slid from David’s ass, still half-hard and trailing cum in his wake.

“Dunno. Think you can hold us up this time?”

“Prat.” Joshua grinned.

“Yes, but you love me for it.” David smirked as he clambered up and hobbled into the room to dress.

“Mmhmm. Just watch your yap after quiz show time. I’m gonna stuff that smart mouth of yours.”

“Promises, promises.”

David blew Joshua a kiss after buckling his jeans. David pulled his worn yellow t-shirt on overhead as he walked for the bedroom door, and paused just long enough to give Joshua a twice over. Joshua grinned and rolled onto his back, letting out a heavy, satisfied sigh. Motes of dust drifted through the strips of light from the window. Joshua coughed lightly.

“Next time you’re doing the heavy lifting,” he muttered to the empty air before staggering up and to the shower.


  1. AWH! This one was nice and..grungy(maybe?) Lol

    Very passionate.

    I picture the mom being a BIG, trailer trash mama.

    I can see this story taking place in a trailer.

  2. I had the same image -of this being set in a trailer, with the mother being a 'trailer trash mama'.

    I've read far too many of your stories to be healthy, and thought that I should comment, finally. I adore your writing style, and the emotions you lend to your characters. Along with, of course, the detail you put in, and the ideas, dialog -or lack thereof.
    I think Devon is still my favorite, though.

  3. Psh. Far from unhealthy! Thank you for the feedback. I'm glad you like Devon. :D I like him too.