Monday, May 3, 2010


Because sometimes our brains do things other than we want.

I don’t like fences. Some prat tosses you up against a wood one while suckin’ off yer knob, and whaddaya get? Splinters in yer fuckin’ shoulders. Chain link? Pinches. Pinches every little bit of thrust. Feels like the devil’s bitin’ at yer ass. Fucking fences. Only ones that’s even half way decent is the ones them richies keep. Yanno the ones. Them what got the smooth metal bars spaced out with the spikes high up overhead. Only fucked ‘gainst that kinda fence once though. Rich fuckers don’t like it when ya fuck ‘gainst their fences. Neither do their dogs. Fuckin’ dogs. I don’t like dogs.


I love fences. Walls are better, but fences are nice. Oh, especially those diamond metal ones. What are those? Whirlwind? Yes, those. Oh, they’re so lovely. Don’t tell anyone, but I got a blowjob through one once. It was exquisite. Down on the South side of campus where all that brush is growing. There was just a bit of light, and I was so afraid of getting caught.

But oh, his mouth! His mouth was so soft, and warm, and he sucked like you wouldn’t believe. I’ve never had anyone swallow me back like that. It feels amazing. If you’ve never done it, I can’t recommend it enough. I almost came right there and then!

Hmm? Oh, right! The fence. Ha, the damn fence. It was so loud. It rattled and clattered as it bowed and bent. I tried not to push into it too much, but it’s hard to resist a mouth like that, you know? It was nice, though, how it gave and still supported my weight. Obviously the holes were convenient, and I got to cling tight to the spaces above me.

Really, the only down side was I pinched one of my fingertips. I had a recital the next day, and that was a real bear. Nasty, nasty bruise. Damn fence.


  1. I like a good wall, but fences do the trick all the same. I'm loving the narrative voice you started out with. The flow was smooth and fit the slang/accent to make it quite convincing. I was sad when it left, but it was still quite a delicious read.

  2. When I started this it was going to be quite a long character volley, but then it just.. fizzled. It was much better when I was half asleep in bed. Haha.